Undercoat Treatment

When building large wood structures, the initial undercoat sets the stage for maximum protection, wear and dramatically improves topcoat performance.

The industry is moving away from clear polymers that can’t penetrate or have high odors which can be detrimental in the factory setting.

Undercoats should enhance dimensional stability and protect surfaces from UV degradation and moisture absorption. Our products protect wood during the manufacturing and construction process reducing in situ preparation, top coat application costs and bringing out the best in subsequent topcoats.

Sansin’s specially formulated base coats are optimized for OEM and industrial processes. Depending on the aesthetic and performance requirements of your project, Sansin provides exceptionally beautiful wood protection and preservatives for a variety of substrates such as engineered wood products, CLT, siding, OSB, glue-lam, millwork, timbers and more.

Don’t compromise on the undercoat.

To decide which base coat meets your specific needs – including developing a proactive maintenance plan – contact your authorized Sansin representative at precisioncoat@sansin.com.