Solid color fire protection in one coat

A beautiful interior decorative coating available in white or pastel colors.

FireStop97 is designed for use as a self-priming paint for wood substrates including SPF plywood, oriented strand board, wood trusses, glue laminated/cross laminated timbers, construction studs and many assemblies where improved fire resistance is required. In the presence of heat or flame, Firestop97 will intumesce (expand its film thickness) creating a thick charred heat-insulating foam layer. This action prevents oxygen from reaching the combustible coated materials (the “fuel”) and diluting combustible gases if released by the fuel.

FireStop97 provides “Class A” flame spread protection that conforms to ASTM E84 and Canadian Standard CAN/ULC S-102-10.

FireStop97 has excellent adhesion and is durable, protection, decorative and low-VOC. It provides excellent workability and flow properties and simple soap and water clean-up. Dries to a white, opaque, low-lustre finish.